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Shoe Care

Ivylee products are designed to last, and we hope you will enjoy yours for many years. How we care for our leather goods furthers material life – both good for you and the environment.

We aim to choose environmentally conscious vegetable-tanned and chrome-free leathers that age with beauty. Each piece of leather may have variations in colour, minor marks and veins; these are natural characteristics of the leather and make each piece unique.

Ensure longevity by taking care of your Ivylees following these instructions.

Disclaimer: Always remember to test the protection spray, shoe cream and wax before use. Choose a non-visible area – preferably the inner side.


Because of its innate nature, small natural markings can show and is not a sign of fault. Escuvado is a natural leather, and its appearance changes over time. With wear, your shoes get the unique vintage look. 

Condition your Escuvado sandals, shoes and boots with uncoloured shoe cream every month and before the first use to keep the leather fresh and supple. This provides a water- and stain-proofing surface, refreshes the colour and shine and moistures the leather.

Smooth Leather

Many of Ivylee’s shoes are crafted from soft leather, including delicate Nappa leather for pumps and ‘heavy’ leather for boots. 

For all types of smooth leather, we recommend conditioning the shoes with a protection spray before use. Hereafter, ensure to mend them regularly to prevent any permanent damage to the leather and keep them in pristine condition. 

Let mud dry overnight and brush it off. Wipe any remaining dirt off with a clean, damp cloth. Use a combi cleaner on more difficult spots.

A protection spray shields from dirt, grease, and water, prolonging your shoes’ lifetime. Refresh the colour and shine, and moisture the leather with a shoe cream. For black leather, we recommend using black shoe cream. For all other colours, please use a transparent or matching colour.

Please notice winter boots need extra care, as they are subjected to harsher weather.


Split Suede and Nubuck

By nature, split suede and nubuck, the underside of the hide, is more sensitive.

Condition shoes and boots in these types of leather with a protection spray before use. Keep in mind not all protection sprays are suitable for split suede and nubuck.

To maintain the leather’s unique qualities, condition and protection spray regularly. As a result, the shoes are more protected from stains and water.

Set the shoes aside to dry overnight before cleaning them with a suede brush. Use a combi cleaner on more difficult spots. Lastly, brush the hide carefully with the suede brush going with the pile direction before treating it with suede care and/or a protection spray.


 Polido and Patent Leather

By default, polido and patent leathers have a treated, smooth surface and need no protection spray or care from shoe cream.

The surface makes them very easy to care for. Simply clean with a damp cloth. Refresh the shine and colour with a lack polish. Apply to a soft cloth and rub down.

Metallic leather

Metallics leathers are finished with a thin metallic foil. It’s hard to repair when broken, so avoid strong friction when cleaning and make sure to store the shoes safely to keep the surface intact.

For all types of metallic leather, we recommend applying a protection spray before use and regularly hereafter. Always use a protection spray specifically designed for metallic leathers. And remove stains immediately with a clean, damp cloth to avoid discolouration. 

Store the shoes in the box or a shoe bag to keep away from humidity which may cause them to tarnish.

Lastly, keep in mind…

Change shoes daily. This will help absorb moisture and keep the original shape of the shoes. 

If your shoes get wet, remove the soles, stuff them with newspaper and leave them to dry completely at room temperature.

Do not leave your shoes close to sources of strong heat and light.

Use a shoehorn – it will not only protect the shape of the heel area but also the shape of the entire shoe in the long run.